enneagram why discovery

8 hours of dedicated time

one time payment

Package Overview

This isn’t your average discovery session, we use the Enneagram & the "Start With Why" framework to dig deep to find not only why you are doing this business but each little bit of you that makes you unique so we can add what makes you special to your business message and identity.  You will leave this month long journey with a deep connection to what motivates you to do thing and a powerful sentence you can use as a solid foundation for making every decision, both in life and business, one that lights you up and allows you to lead the spectacular life you’ve been dreaming of.

8 Hrs of dedicated time with Chelsea:
•1 month
• Meet by Zoom or in the Brimworthy office once a week (1.5 hrs each time)
• Unlimited direct access during the 4 week period for guidance via Slack and Marco Polo