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It’s time to break through your BS, stop sabotaging your growth, & be the visionary you were born to be.

Ready to start Growing?

Tired of not getting where you need to go? Ready to GROW?

Did you know that finding out your core desires will also show you your core weakness and unveil why you are even chasing big a dream to begin with?What if you had an internal GPS installed that could alert you when you’re getting off of your path and help you communicate better with everyone around you so you could receive help and give it back to the world now instead of burning out before you ever get to?

Tell me how often these come up:

• I have a great idea for a business or product, but then I get stuck and talk myself out of it.

• I start to feel like I’m burdening others when I’m chasing my dreams.

• I feel guilty about work cutting into time with my family.

• I can’t find the next right thing to do to grow my business and level up.

• It's selfish for me to chase my dreams.

• Other people are already doing what I want to do and they are doing it better.

• I'm scared of the unknown.

• I am too overwhelmed and don't have enough time or money to build what I want.

• I'm not (insert silly limiting thought here) enough to do this well.

Now you can relax, because…

you found US :)

And we want you to freaking dominate! Imagine a thriving and meaningful life where, instead of pouring out your magic, you can overflow with it!


what enneagram coaching has done for our clients

Our private group enneagram coaching session with Chelsea was truly a gift. I'm eternally grateful for her teachings, her wisdom and her beautiful presence as I learn more about my dominant enneagram type and how to use it to further share my magic and gifts with my family, friends, coworkers and community. The session was life-affirming and I can’t wait to do it again. If you are fortunate enough to be able to work with Chelsea
you will not regret it.

Jenny newcomer - commit 30 founder

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I’m the founder of Enneagram Boss and I’ve built a company that loves helping other badass people figure out how to do badass things!

I work with the head, the heart, and the gut using the Enneagram to combine transformational life coaching & growth strategy to create a coaching experience that opens the doors to the spectacular life you’ve been working hard to create on your own. What you fill up with, you either pour out or overflow into the world.

Let’s find the good stuff you need to unleash your magic without draining your soul!

Now you can relax, because…

you found US :)

And we want you to freaking dominate! Imagine a thriving and meaningful life where, instead of pouring out your goodness, you can overflow with it!

Let's Work Together

We’ve designed several ways to get you going in the right direction

Packages & details

Enneagram Type Discovery



60 minute Zoom call of Enneagram education and deep dive discovery with your certified enneagram coach asking you the right questions to determine your unique type once and for all.

EXPLORE Your Enneagram Type



5 one on one session series to learn all of the in's and out of your type and how it uniquely drives you. You will receive custom guide sheets that expand the learning experience in between sessions and help you self-reflect. Plus you will get a ton of magical tangible tips to apply the Enneagram to transform your life right now!

BECOME a true Boss Babe Enneagram Coaching



Want to utilize the enneagram to consistently break through your limiting beliefs? This isn't you're average coaching session, knowing what makes you unique allows me to coach you to use the enneagram to take FAST action on your dreams & tackle your unique challenges from relationships to biz woes. It’s time for you to use your magicyo transform & step out of mediocrity and into your amazing next level.

How does this work?

What's the process?

Step 1: HELLO!

We get to know each other :)


We uncover your unique type!


We do a deep exploration of your type and how it affects your life!

Step 4: BECOME

We work together to help you utilize your uniqueness to transform your life & business!

Chelsea is the perfect blend of soul-searching magic and strategy, she’s everything I needed. I went through her enneagram coaching to discover the “why” behind my business so that I could craft my unique and beautiful brand story. It was one of the most profound personal development experiences of my life. Her coaching is allowing me to build a business based on my most authentic highest self. I firmly believe that everyone needs Chelsea, she will unlock magic you didn’t even know you had. Her enneagram coaching will give you the roadmap, the blueprint, that will help you craft the most beautiful life.

JENelle woodlief - empowered bodywork

Stop sabotaging your dreams,

The Time Is Now

If you’re ready to lift your life up and out of its predictable loop, we want to help you make that happen!


We’ve designed several ways to get you going in the right direction

frequently asked questions

Who needs to hire an Enneagram coach?

You are need to hire an Enneagram coach if:
•You're struggling to figure out your type.
•You are ready to GROW and know you need accountability from someone who KNOWS you deeply because of the Enneagram.
•The Enneagram seems awesome to you but you're super confused on how it works.
•You think you have mistyped!
•You are ready to destroy your limiting beliefs.
•You want to know how to use the enneagram instead of just talk about it.
•You want to figure out your wings and subtype but the research is overwhelming.
•You know that coaching and investing in your personal development is going to help you level up your business and life!

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram a psychospiritural tool that describe the 9 human ego structures. It is the equivalent of a personalized GPS to your inner self that reveals your true motivations & your roadblocks they determine why you think the way you do, feel, and behave in particular ways. It is like having a built in Siri telling you when you are headed to your highest self and when you may have taken a wrong turn and gives you unique tools to your best way to get back on your path to glory.

What will Ennagram coaching do for me?

•10X your self-awareness and ability to understand why you do things so you can level up.
•Find you superpowers and your kryptonite so you can live a fulling life in your true purpose.
•Help you overcome self-limiting beliefs, self sabotage, imposter syndrome, and deep rooted bad thought/behavior patterns.
•Strengthen your relationships with others and your higher power.
•Experience LIFE CHANGING transformation and freedom in your business & your life!
•Allow you to not only dream big but BUILD big at warp speed.

No really, what will this do for me?

Enneagram coaching will help you shut your fear mongering ego down, break through the BS it puts in your way to keep you "safe", and BUILD the life & business of your freaking dreams.

Just looking to get your feet wet?

join the bootcamp

If you’re new to the enneagram and not sure exactly what you want to get out of it or where to start, our immersion parties may be a great option to test the waters and talk with others visionaries like you!


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